For over 30 years, Bacon Products has manufactured a variety of quality pet products and accessories designed to make your four-legged friend a healthier, happier pet. The My Buddy line includes collars, leashes, and harnesses, as well as grooming products including My Buddy Organic Shampoo and My Buddy Dog Grooming and Finishing Spray. For the treatment and prevention of fleas, ticks, and lice, we offer the My Buddy Organic Dip as well as the Eagles-7 Flea & Tick Spray.

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Organic Dip

Contains d-Limonene and aloe vera concentrate, to aid in the control of fleas, ticks and lice-infested areas. Pleasant long lasting citrus fragrance keeps pets smelling fresh and clean. Aloe Vera helps SOOTHE irritated skin. Contains no pesticide or alcohol. 1 bottle = 8 gallons. Not recommended for cats.

Organic Shampoo

A concentrate which leaves your dog or cat with a shiny, bright and healthy coat while actively controlling licking due to fleas. Contains d-Limonene a non-pesticide ingredient which provides control of fleas and ticks. Aloe Vera is added to help soothe irritated skin. Has a fresh citrus fragrance. Mix one part water with one part Organic Shampoo concentrate before use. 8 oz. bottle = 16 oz. ready-to-use Organic Shampoo.

Dog Grooming and Finishing Spray

Specifically formulated for your Buddy’s health and well being. Helps keep your dog smelling fresh and clean before and after bathing. Contains conditioners to moisturize the skin and a detangler is added to reduce static. Contains NO ALCOHOL and may be used as often as desired. 
Available in Fresh Linen and Mango scents.

Sport-D Pet Collars

Plastic coated and strong D-Ring hardware makes this collar a must for all sporting dogs. Available in 18", 20" and 22" lengths.

Adjustable Pet Collars & Leads

Heavy nickel plated buckle guaranteed not to break. My Buddy takes the guesswork out of selecting just the right size collar for your pet. Convenient adjustable lead keeps your Buddy close or at a distance based on where you stroll. Assorted colors red, blue, green and black. Small-Medium Collar (12"-16"); Medium-Large Collar (16"-26"); Adjustable Lead (3'-6').

Pet Harness

Designed to secure the torso rather than the neck. My Buddy Pet Harnesses are strong, durable, and available in 15", 22", 30", and 39". Assorted colors.

Flea & Tick Spray

Kill and control fleas and ticks on dogs and in your carpets with ready to use permethrin water-based product. 35-day residual gives longer control for fleas than most other formulas available. Can also be used on livestock. Not recommended for cats.

** Hassle-Free Installation

**Keeps your pet SECURE while allowing them the FREEDOM to ROAM